Aunty Pat Dobson

Aboriginal Cultural Consultant

A proud Wiradjuri Women, Pat Dobson has an amazing depth of knowledge around Aboriginal Families and culture. Raised on Wellington mission before moving to Redfern her connection to both area's is strong.  She has a passion for supporting Aboriginal families and kin and is an Elder in her family.  Aunty Pat's consultations brings years of Aboriginal experience and cultural expertise forefront in helping our families and partners.


Aunty Maureen Bell

Aboriginal Cultural Consultant

A proud Wiradjuri women, Experienced, trustworthy, a wealth of cultural knowledge. These are just a few of the ways community describe this invaluable member of our team. Maureen Bell is the back bone of cultural expertise. A remarkable human, that has survived being raised on a mission and survived being part of the stolen generation with strong ties to country.  Her commitment to Aboriginal families makes her truly a joy to be around.


Aunty Brenda Dobson

Aboriginal Cultural Consultant

A proud Wiradjuri Women, Aunty Brenda has an exceptional connection to family and country as well as excellent understanding of what culture means in an Aboriginal Context. She has lived experience of the stole generation and Aboriginal Institutionalisation and Aboriginal missions yet has never lost  her passion for equality, her  connection to country and love of Aboriginal culture.


Aunty Anita Johnson 

Aboriginal Cultural Consultant

Aunty Anita is a proud Wiradjuri women that has invested her last 11 years in researching Aboriginal Culture.   She has written a book on Aboriginal Cultural History and is the chair of the Wellington Wiradjuri Aboriginal Town Common Corporation.  She has over 40 years of experience with Aboriginal child protection. She brings a wealth of cultural knowledge and connections. When asked her passion she says " Working to empower our mobs next generation to maintain connections to culture and our land.


Jeffrey Bachi

 Consultant   /  Founder

Masters of Social Work , Current 

Grad Dip Systemic Family Counselling 

Bachelor of Welfare, (counselling &  DV)

FaCS Child Protection CDP trained

FaCS Cultural Consultation Training

Dip Policing NSW Police

Dip Investigation Aust Federal Police

Aboriginal Mental Health Counsellor ;specific training in Anxiety & Depression, crisis intervention, DV & sexual Assault.

National Accredited  Aboriginal Family Group Conference facilitator.

Aboriginal Prenatal Conference Facilitator 

Current WWCC

A proud Wiradjuri man, with over 18 years of public service experience, including extensive experience working in Child Protection, Family Preservation and Restoration with Aboriginal families. Jeff has a vision and drive for better out comes for Aboriginal families and a keen focus on developing the organisation with experience and integrity.